Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Starting "the process"

We emailed Dr. Bernard and let him know that we wanted to adopt Jovanika. Our instructions were to wait on an "official" approval email in return. We waited about a week. I know that internet is kind of spotty in Haiti. I was getting very antsy and beginning to wonder if they had even gotten our email! What if they didn't get our email and then some other family comes along and scoops up our girl?? The dramatic side of me came out, and I made Brandon call Dr. Bernard in Haiti and see what was going on.

Turns out he had not gotten our email. Internet had been out all week. He said that he would make us his first priority and that as soon as he could check his emails, he would respond. Don't you know I will be glued to yahoo, waiting for that email to come through!

3 becomes 4

So after I got back from Haiti, I couldn't stop thinking about Jovanika. I felt like we were brought together for a reason. I mean, really, what are the odds..... she was the first little girl that ran up to me and attached herself to me, we start bonding and then come to find out, she is the only little girl in our desired age range available. It was meant to be!!

So after careful consideration, Brandon and I decided we wanted to proceed with adopting Jovanika!! Avery has always wanted to be a big sister, and we think Jovanika is the perfect match! Jovanika will be 3 in November, so there is about a 3 year age difference between the girls. Perfect!!


Jovanika Whitaker

Friday, June 24, 2011

Last day in Haiti

Today is another down day. We get to be tourists and shop. We are starting to get packed up and ready to go back home. Last year, I left most of my clothes for the people here. They give the stuff left behind to the workers here and other people in need. Not leaving as much this year... hoping I will be back soon!

Last day to play with the kids in the creche :(

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday in Haiti

Breakfast today was sooo yummy! Pancakes, pineapple and oatmeal.

Today we hosted 100 kiddos at VBS. We were supposed to do it inside the church at the Baptist Mission. But when we arrived, we were notified that someone had died and the funeral was today at the church. So we regrouped and set everything up behind the church at this park. We split the kids into groups and they rotated from group to group. I was in charge of my 10 kid group and led them around.

When we got back, we headed to the creche to see our kiddos. As I walked down the stairs leading to the creche, I noticed Jovanika sitting in the lap of a lady. I didn't want to "steal" her away from the lady, so I just walked by. Well, she saw me and hollered out "Mama Blanc" (white mama lol) and got up to come over to me. AWWWW! We played for a bit and then I went with some other other people to go in and clean the kids classroom. I took her in there with me, but you know how it is when you have someone following your every move undoing everything you do! So one of the workers took her out and shut the door. That poor baby sat outside the door and cried for 30 minutes until we came back out and I got her again.

For dinner we had mystery meat (goat, maybe?), green beans, potatoes, brown rice & beans.

Tonight, I talked with Dr. Bernard. He used to live in Fort Worth, so we chatted about the area. Eventually we started talking about adoption and all the kids there. He said that the number of kids he has had doubled since last year. Fortunately though, most of them are being adopted. I was kind of (ok, not kind of) curious if, in fact, Jovanika was one of the available kiddos. Her and I have this crazy connection and I just felt the need to know what her story is. He didn't have any of his files there, so he didn't know any information about specific kids, but he did have a spreadsheet with the kids names and birthdays. Turns out, she IS available and has not been there very long. He couldn't remember her story but I know her name and that she will be 3 on November 18.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday in Haiti

This morning we were woken up at 2am, but this time it wasn't the rooster. The leader of our group was in severe pain, and they came to get a nurse, who happened to be one of our roommates. They ended up taking her to the hospital. Apparently they had to go to several hospitals... One of them had no doctor there (really?!)After hearing her agonizing screams of pain, there was no way I could go back to sleep. Good thing I was awake, because that dang rooster was making sure none of us slept!

This morning for breakfast we had oatmeal, watermelon, French toast, bread & peanut butter.

Today I was on the team that worked at the creche. That means I got to play with kids and hold babies all day :) Easy enough for me!

In the morning, the older kids had school. They looked so cute in their uniforms!

While the kids were in class, we went upstairs and played with the younger ones. I helped feed them breakfast, which was noodles with some saucy stuff.

While I was there, I may have just happened to have glanced at the list of girls in the creche. They have a list of names posted on the door with all the kids, their adoptive parents names, and their birthdays. All but 3 girls had adopted parents by their names. Two of them are older girls. There is one younger girl named Jovanika. I asked some of the older kids to show me who she is. Turns out she was the cutie I have been rocking to sleep every afternoon. Today I had played with her all afternoon. I went to their little Bible class with them, where they sang songs and the kids took turns saying prayers. She didn't like it when I had to leave to go get ready for dinner :( I did get lots of cute pics of her this afternoon:

Tonight for dinner we had meatballs, rice, cucumbers, and scalloped potatoes. Unfortunately, there were some people who piled up their plate as if this was their last meal, so we ran out of food before we had a chance to get through the line. So I had some bread, potatoes and a Pop Tart..... Carb Fest! Oh, and a huge coke! Dinner of champions right there, people!