Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dispensation Mishap

Things happen.  I keep reminding myself of that.  After looking at the copy of the dispensation that was sent to me and asking a few questions, I found out that our dispensation was actually printed in July, not November as I was originally told.  I don't know what happened.  Not sure if they didn't catch it or if it was lost or what.  I know mistakes happen and there is nothing we can do about it now.... I am just kind of sad that we waited for over 4 months with our file just sitting there while we were supposedly waiting on the dispensation to be printed.  God knows the day that they will come home and it will all happen in His perfect timing.  Right?  The moral of the story, is to trust your instinct and ask questions.  For the first couple of months, I sat back and waited.  When the third month rolled around, I asked if they had checked on it.  By the fourth month, I truly felt like something was not right.  Like either it got lost or there was a problem.  I emailed again and practically begged them to do some checking.  I hated bothering them, but I knew it was not "right" for it to be taking this long.  Low and behold, in November when I went to visit, I was notified that it just got printed.  There is an online version of the Le Moniteur where the names are printed.  I had looked through it over and over looking for the kids' names.  Never saw it.  Even after I got a copy of the printing, I have gone back and looked and I haven't found it.  All that to say, while a good resource, the online version is not necessarily all correct. 

So, where are we now?  Our file went into Parquet.   According to our worker, our dossier is being registered in their tax office.  Then, it will go back to Parquet.  When we exit Parquet, we should have a signed adoption decree and the children will officially have our last name!

Deccember update

Here is our update and picture for the month of December that New Life Link sent us. 

Hello Lori,

We hope that Christmas was good. As usual, here is an update on your kids.
James: weight: 30, weight: 38. 
Jovanika: weight: 35, height: 43. They are doing good.

Happy new year as 2013 is closing in!

Just to compare, here is their picture from last Christmas:

Friday, December 28, 2012

Officially Printed!

Several people have asked me about the dispensation.  I don't know the answers to why Haiti has the crazy laws and rules about who qualifies to adopt.  In our particular situation, we needed dispensation because we have a biological child already.  We meet the age requirements and the marriage requirements.  I emailed to see if I could get a copy of the paper on the day we were printed.  Just to see what we had been waiting so long for.  Here it is:

 After I got this, I promptly responded to ask where exactly we are in this process at this time.  I haven't heard anything since November.  Hopefully I will get an answer soon!!  It seems things have been slowing down and there hasn't been as much movement among the people in my circle of adoptive mama friends.  Maybe it's because of the holidays, who knows.  Praying for some news soon so we can get these kids HOME!!