Friday, April 27, 2012

April update

Today we got our email from Haiti with our update and new pictures.

We hope you are fine as we feel excited to update you on your kids.James: weight: 26, weight: 34 1/2.Jovanika: weight: 30, height: 40 1/2. They are happy and are doing good. Have a nice day and weekend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

IBESR news

Yesterday I got an email with some interesting news....
IBESR will not be taking new dossiers until the 1st of June in an effort to complete studying and authorizing the ones already sitting on their desks and also finish the ones that have been given dispensations in the last few weeks. According to a source, the director of IBESR is wanting to clear the dossiers that have been sitting for some time waiting for approval. There were many in IBESR when she took over the position of Director in November 2011. None were signed until after February 2012 and so they are way behind. We will continue to propose children and prepare dossiers so that on the 1st of June, dossiers can be turned into IBESR. We are looking at this as a good opportunity for IBESR to clear their work load and prepare for the new dossiers that will be ready and waiting in June!
What does this mean??? I am not exactly sure. It sounds like a good thing to me. IBESR is the social services agency in Haiti. They are the first big step in approving adoptions and they have to sign off on it before we can move forward in the process. Right now, we haven't heard anything since November and I feel like our file must be stuck on someone's desk under a pile of other files. I hope by them not accepting new dossiers for a month or so, it will help them to catch up and move our dossier along, as well as everyone else who has been stuck in IBESR for a while. While it isn't great news for those people waiting to enter IBESR, maybe it will help clear the way for their paperwork to move much more quickly once they do enter. Hopefully it will speed up the whole process in the long run for them. I have to admit, I am a little.... frustrated, nervous.... I am not sure what the word is..... It is so hard not knowing what is going on and having absolutely zero control over anything. There is nobody to pick up the phone and call to ask what's going on. I just have to trust that the amazing people at NLL working on our adoption are doing everything that they can as quickly as they can. I have 100% trust in them. It is just hard to understand why this process takes so long!! Pray that this whole "restructuring" deal at IBESR is just the beginning of good things to come in the adoption world!!