Monday, February 27, 2012

February update

Today I got our monthly email with new pictures of the kids. Not much news except that they are healthy and happy. It has been 4 months since we have heard of any progress with our dossier, so I am getting anxious for some movement on our paperwork. If anything, this process is teaching me to be more patient and a great reminder that I am not in control. As hard as that may be.

So, the cutest thing I have seen all day...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Something to look forward to...

3 years ago, my perspective on life changed when I went on a mission trip with Brent Gambrell Ministries to Haiti. I've been very blessed to travel to many different countries and places in the world. Lots of people are surprised to hear the poorest country in the western hemisphere is by far my favorite.

A good friend of mine named Jackie has been on all of these trips with me. Jackie was there when I met Jovanika for the first time. She was the first person that I talked with about adopting Jovanika. (My husband was NOT there or he would have been the first :)) She's also my friend that GETS Haiti and has the same passion for Haiti that I have, so naturally we rehash our wonderful Haiti memories together and plan our next trips together....

Last night, her wonderful husband booked our flights for us to go on our 3rd annual summer getaway to the Carribean!! Otherwise known as our BGM mission trip. I love, love, love going with BGM. I get to see my kids AND I get to go out and about around Haiti and do some cool things while serving. It's the best of both worlds!

Did I mention I get to see my kids???? I miss these babies soooo much!!

Monday, February 6, 2012


When we met the birth parents, we had a chance to ask them questions. One thing we wanted to know was if there were any other siblings and what the situation was with them. We learned there was a 6 year old named Rebecca, Javonika who is 3, James who is 2, and Sara who is 9 months. You may recall this post... well everything lined up with all of that information. We were able to meet Rebekah, who is a gorgeous little lady with tons of personality. In a perfect world, we could take all four of them and raise them all together. Unfortunately, it just isn't a possibility. I pray for a wonderful, loving family for these other two girls. I hope to know who adopts them so we can all keep in touch and the kids can know their sisters.

I have some amazing pictures of Rebecca to share, thanks to the Rainwaters. They take amazing photos and were so kind to share them. I still need to get a photo of Baby Sara.





I love when people go visit NLL and post pics of the kids! It's such a fabulous surprise when you are browsing through people's pictures from their trip and you run across photos of your kids :) What makes it even better is when they are smiling and happy. Someone asked me if I get jealous when I see pictures of people holding my kids or loving on them. Envious yes, of course I wish I was there with them. But since I can't be, I am thrilled that they are getting loved on and getting attention from other people.

Jovanika loves to swing. Especially if she is in someone's lap. She usually goes to sleep.

Sweet Ruth & Jovanika. Ruth comforted her when I left her this last time. She is such a beautiful girl and a great role model for all the girls at the creche. I can't wait for her to go home to her amazing family.
So sweet.

Happiness! I am so excited to see this boy smiling!!

James on the far left and his little friends.