Sunday, November 10, 2013

Officially Citizens!

We had heard from our other adoptive friends that social security cards and certificates of citizenship would automatically come in the mail after a few weeks.  We didn't get either.  What to do??  Finally, I was able to get in contact with someone at the Department of Homeland Security.  Turns out they still had our old mailing address.  Luckily, they had stuck our certificates in the mail the day before, so they were able to retrieve them and send them to our correct address.  A couple of days later, they arrived!  Yay! I guess technically, they were citizens when we hit immigration in Miami.  But, now, it is officially official and we have the paper to prove it!!  Next step is figuring out the social security cards.  Guess we will mosey on down to the social security office and see what the deal is.  I am guessing we will have to apply for new cards.  Let's just pray we have all of the paperwork we need to take care of this. Here's our proud American citizens:

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